Founding Director / Jo Zajd


Jo Zajd is a relationship counsellor with over 25 years experience working with individuals, couples and families. Jo has actively helped people in seeking to find life partners as well as facilitating couples in pre-marriage education programs and within the ups and downs of married life. Her professional history embraces healthcare, tertiary education, community service and small business.

Jo is also a Clinical Member of AAFT (Australian Association of Family Therapy).

Having assisted people during physical illness and emotional turmoil, she has directed her work to addressing existential distress and anxiety, thus leading to the unique concept of The Practice of Quiet. 

From this wide background of exposure to human need, Jo also sees a place for providing short residential quiet time for those whose lives have changed through circumstances beyond their control, bad decisions, ill-health, divorce or death.

A Note from Jo.

The 20th century political philosopher Hannah Arendt said “I am more than ever of the opinion that a decent human experience is possible only on the fringes of society.”

The Practice of Quiet is endeavouring to offer you a decent human experience.

I am not sure that The Practice of Quiet belongs on the fringes of society but I do appreciate it probably has to start there. So, you may not find many friends familiar with the concept. Do not be deterred!

The Practice of Quiet is designed to address the existential impact of the loss of connectedness and caring in our society. It is designed to add a sense of meaning to people’s busy, pressured and somewhat lonely lives, and to develop intelligent compassion and sophisticated thinking.

The Practice of Quiet is not a wellbeing centre, nor a spiritual centre. I would however be pleased if you felt well and in good spirits when you leave.