Frequently Asked Questions

Five hours feels like a long time. Can I come for half the practice?
It is expected that people who join The Practice of Quiet stay 5 hours. However, if you are concerned about a five hour program, you can contact the Director, Jo Zajd, about your concerns. Shorter time alternatives may be provided for an individual.

What do people do during the practice?
They do not talk. They conduct themselves in a consciously quiet manner. They join the others for meditation. They use the time in a way that resonates for them, but does not distract or take away from the experience of others. They respect their own participation, and that of others.

What do I need to bring?
Please wear/bring a watch so you can check the time if you want. Phones are not to be turned on. In order to enjoy the quiet and allow others to do so, don’t bring noisy bags, jackets etc.

If I book and pay for a place but am unable to attend, can I join the next practice?
Yes, if there is a place available. Otherwise you will be offered the next available opportunity.

Can you customize an event for my workplace?
Yes. We will require a meeting to ensure we can accommodate what you have in mind.